Healing Your Body

Healing Your Body

Do you think it is really a possibilty ?  That people can heal themselves without the traditional medicines ?  Well if you are unsure what you think about that possibility… please keep reading.

A couple weeks ago I had participated in an online Seminar and I had listened to a wise man by the name of Dr Bradley Nelson.  You may have heard his name before … anyhow, I listened intently and totally knew what we was saying was the absolute truth …   I could just feel it.   You know what I mean … when you just know it .

So I ordered his program which included a DVD series from his Emotion Code Seminars…   WOW !!!!    is all I can say … I have just gotten through the first DVD ( there are 6 )  and I am in awe !  I had to share this with you quickly as I couldn’t help myself because this is just too powerful of information to not share with everyone … seriously … I know you get that I get pretty excited about all this “Healing Energy” talk … so you can feel my enthusiasm for his work …  I just ask myself why do more people not know about these powerful techniques ?  The way of how we do things now medically .. is unsustainable and people are waking up realizing the truth about our own capacity to heal ourselves …    and this information here is extremely valuable.   Check out  … The Emotion Code

If you do take my advice and check it out … even if you read his book … I believe he offers a free version of his ebook … just  to hear what he has to say about healing your body of trapped emotions etc…  please comment below ~ I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it .

Keep Smilin !!!

Love ~ Tammy

ps… have you ever heard of muscle testing ?  Where you ask a person questions and their body basically becomes a lie detector…   it’s freaking amazing how it works ! He teaches you how to do this in the first video.   My kids hate it as now they can’t lie to me about anything !!! lol

~ love it !

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