A Message For Humanity

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A Message For Humanity




A Message For Humanity

Did you know

that right now

you hold inside of you the one thing that can change everything for humanity

In fact … you were born with it already in you

It is the one thing that makes you more beautiful than you ever imagined

When you are surrounded by it … you feel absolutely amazing

It is a million times stronger than negativity

This one thing holds the key to world peace

And when you live your life from this one thing … it makes it easy to do the right thing

This one force is as vital to all life as the air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

The one thing that you have inside of you that is so powerful … it can stop wars, heal disease, and transform lives.

In fact … it is the lack of this one thing in the world that is at the core of all of the hatred, racism and violence we see today.

Without this powerful force … we suffer and we become lost

This thing inspires kindness

It helps you feel hope

It makes you feel more alive

And when you see it in action … it restores your faith in humanity

It is very contagious

and this one thing is also totally free

It is the most powerful force in the world and it is inside us all

What is this powerful force you ask ?

It is love

Love is the one thing we can use to change everything

Where there is love there is peace

They wise ones say

your thoughts become things

and what you focus on grows

So together we can focus on love

Love for each other

Love for life

Love for the family we share the earth with

Love for our beautiful planet

And when love takes over …

we can know that our focus on love has changed the world

It is the only way

If we want more love and kindness in the world

it is up to each of us to put it there

So lets focus on love and change the world together

Written by : Tamalee





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