How To Deal With Haters And Negative People


How To Deal With Haters And Negative People

Holy smoley … Why do people have to be sooo nasty ?

Lately it feels a bit like people are on edge and just ready to pounce at any little thing they feel offended by …

How did it get like this and what in the world is going on ?

Some say that social media is making people crazy … which can be understandable as listening to millions of peoples opinions and being bombarded with emotional ups and downs at a rapid pace can’t be good for our emotional stability.

I myself have already started to not check into social media etc as much …    Maybe its just me … I’m not sure but I feel way better taking a break and I realized how much the  “energy” or “vibe” of whatever is in my news feed affects my mood.  It reminds me of when I had this boss who was extremely cranky and how the whole vibe / energy of the room would change as soon as he walked in.  And how all of us who were there in the room would feel his bad mood and negativity almost as if through osmosis.

People don’t really talk much about it but …it is totally the same with stuff online … or movies you watch … etc

We are influenced by our surroundings … positive or negative …  That is why we love hanging out with Happy People : )

Recently a friend of mine who loves to draw was viciously called out on a drawing site because her drawing someone decided it was offensive to them and they called her all sorts of crazy things.  It was so traumatic to her that she wanted to close all her accounts and never draw again.  Thankfully she realized that there are people out there who may just be having a crappy day and want to take their problems out on you … often their outburst is nothing to do with you at all … but only their need to feel powerful somehow by cutting someone down.

I have dealt with this too … especially since having a website where I post personal things or opinions about topics …

So I thought I would put together a collection of powerful videos to help remind someone who make have had issues with haters or negative people … how to deal with it.

Once you know that pretty much anyone who is doing big things in the world will have haters … even Mother Teresa of all people I am sure had her share of critics too.

But these videos below on how to deal with haters will help if you ever struggle with this …

Let me know what you think about it and if you ever had to deal with this and how you dealt with it ..

Thanks so much !!

“They don’t hate you. They hate themselves and take it out on you. There’s a difference.” – Ritu Ghatourey


How To Deal With Negative People

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How to Deal with Haters & People Who Don’t Keep Their Word




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