You need to realize your own value to give value


“If you do not know where you stand within yourself where does that leave you? When you stand centered in your own space, it will become clear what your choices are and which ones to make.”


You cannot give what you do not have to begin with… if you do not value yourself as you should …how do you give 100% value to the world… you will struggle with this throughout your life. I know this because it was my story… I felt I was unworthy and had nothing of value to offer the world. As I said before in my story… I attracted all the sittuations in my life that mirrored how I felt about myself.

If you really dig deep and ask yourself…really get real & trust yourself .. and you will find the right answers for you. Love yourself in the process and you will do the right thing. I see it totally starts there and will ripple outwards to everything else… like the rays of the sun ..

I loved creating videos that remind myself & others to see their value….

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