Cosmic Ordering PDF – What is Cosmic Ordering ?

Cosmic Ordering PDF – What is Cosmic Ordering ?


So I have to admit … this is a bit new to me.  I have heard of Law of Attraction … who hasn’t right ?

So I was researching what Cosmic Ordering Is exactly …

From what I understand … Cosmic Ordering is a playful approach to manifesting and the Law Of Attraction .  It totally makes sense that it is much easier to get what you want when you think of the universe as a massive mail order company and you just place your order and forget about it.

Usually the scenario is dealt with the pressure of need and heaviness and Hope.  But just to feel how completely different this is … do this test for one minute …

Just pretend that you can place an order & know it will come true … now pay attention to your body … what does it feel like ?  Heavy or light ?  For me it was light as a feather.  This is how I know it works … because our bodies are such amazing tuning forks for truth.  Also … belief in the outcome is the needed ingredient in all manifestations… just like water for plants.

Also  … you will find this fascinating …  I was curious about the word Manifest … I always thought it meant to create.  Well the real meaning just might surprise you as it shocked me …
The meaning of Manifest is :


Isn’t that interesting … it is not to create something … it is to Believe clearly & perceive it with your eyes.  That gives me goosebumps lol

So I started to look into Cosmic Ordering … and it is actually based on our favorite subject … It’s based entirely on the latest scientific research on the subject of energy !!

I found some excellent resources to become a Cosmic Ordering Master ! Check out this video below …




See the Cosmic Ordering Video here


Fed up with ‘wishing’ and ‘hoping’ and not really ‘having’?

Are you still waiting on the dream job?

Perfect match?

More money?

Join us on this course, and you’ll learn how a picture speaks 1000 words … not just to you, but the cosmos (who is always on standby and ready to deliver)!

Allow thought vibration and visualization to align you to what you want.

Select it. Project it. Expect it. Collect it!

There are video recording of lectures, an ebook and some outside links to refer to.

The course will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

You print off the workbook and work your way through it with the video lectures.

This course is ideal if you are into the law of attraction, and you want to manifest what you want in your life. We cover how to make a vision board, place an order and allow the receiving to come in.

We cover various metaphysical laws – not just the law of attraction, but the law of clarity, the law of resistance, the law of flow – to name but a few.

We look at the 4th dimension of time space reality and how to speed up our order and how to remove blocks which may be getting in the way of the receiving. The only disclaimer is – be careful about what you ask for, as you just might get it!!  via: Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards


If you heard enough of my chatter and want to learn more ..


Upon further research … I discovered another interesting person who tried it and loved it …

“Cosmic ordering works! I said I wanted a hit TV show. It had to be something my girls would watch – and I wanted it by October. I got the call about Deal or No Deal in August. It’s spooky.”          Noel Edmonds, TV presenter  Creator of “Deal or No Deal”


So that’s my research so far … I will be looking into this more … and adding to this.  In the meantime… if you have anything to add please do.  I love to hear if other people are having success with this Cosmic Ordering also …




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