How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear


How to overcome fear ?  Does anyone really know the answer ?  With fear being the one thing that holds back so many of us with good intentions to do great things in the world.

My reason for bring up this topic … is this …how to overcome fear

Do you ever come across something at just the right time that really shakes you up ?  It is almost like somebody pinched you really freakin hard and you can no longer pretend to be half asleep in your life …  or in the dreaded avoidance or procrastination zone ?

Tonight I had that lovely experience … and because you are my friends … I wanted to share this with you …

I am guilty … of avoiding doing things because I think it might be more painful to move forward into that uncomfortable zone of the unknown.  But at the same time knowingly missing out on the fullest potential of life possible.  With many big dreams and hopes for better things ahead just kind of sitting on the backburner  secretly hoping that someday it will magically all happen on it’s own. lol  Well we all know that someday never comes …

Why do we do this to ourselves ?

Fear of FailureFear of SuccessFear of Life ?   Fear of Regret ?

Ask yourself this =>  What will your life look like in 5 – 10 or 20 years if you just keep doing what you are doing now ?  Not moving towards your dreams and goals or making the big changes in your life you feel you need to make ?  What will your life look like ?

Seriously … this video Jonathan Fields – Turning Fear into Fuel will wake you  up …


Here is a link to the original video … Click Here

I would really love to hear what you think of this and what your goals and dreams you might have been holding back and not doing because of fear…


Luv Tamalee

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