Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plan


I have been noticing something and I wanted to ask you if you have experienced this also ?

Individual Development Plan

Feeling Frustrated ?


Do you feel like you go around in circles … jumping from one personal coaching course to the next.  Feeling like you are walking on cloud nine … because you Finally got it figured out !  Only to start heading back to your old ways gradually after your coaching classes have ended.  Or when you go to a big personal growth seminar  … you are totally flying high for the days during the event … then you go home and get back into our life & routine.  And Poof !!!

What happens to all that enthusiasm and the feeling of freaking awesomeness ?!  It is as if none of it ever happened and you are left sitting there feeling deflated and frustrated because you are back to square one … once again …

Sound familar ?  If not .. well you are one of the few who has not experienced this.  This is an extremely common situation !  Just have a peek at the personal development industry in general and you will see just how many people are caught in the tornado of “self improvement”.


Well what if … you are already the way you should be.  What if you already are perfect ?  lol      What do you think of that ?

When we learn from most coaches is the “One Size Fits All Program” … when what we really need an Individual Development Plan for us to be truly unstuck from our vicious repeating cycle.  Your individual needs and beliefs all come into play.

I have recently discovered a very cool dude named Brian Ridgway and I totally love what he has to say about all this “energy stuff.” and getting Unstuck in life.   I totally resonate with what he is teaching so I wanted to share some stuff with you here … Check out the videos below and let me know what you think ….

If you want to learn more about him and his teachings … check out this link here and you can sign up for a free workshop he gives online …   I have watched it several times and it is extremely eye opening .  I have attended many classes online by different teachers as you know … but I want to say this will save you tons of moola cuz you won’t be scrambling to buy the latest and greatest self development course after you learn what he is teaching  …  It is totally not like anything you may have heard before …


Video one …. Get Unstuck

Video two … Law of Attraction or Action


See I told ya .. eye opening isn’t it ? lol   I love sharing this great stuff with you all …   :  )

If you ever have any cool teachers or vidoes etc that you feel people could benefit from watching or listening to .. please feel free to send them my way .. and I will do my best to share them here .


Thank you for stopping by & have an awesome day !!


Love Tamalee











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