Who do you listen to?

Whenever I do not listen to my inner voice… I always regret it later !

So how do you know when you are hearing your inner guide or you are just making
your decision based on insecurity ? You have to reconnect with yourself… be in
silence and learn to trust that you know the answer.

I had always wondered this before too … but I started trusting my “gut” and going with it … and it has become my trusty guide. You can’t force it … ask … listen
and trust. You must see the universe as wanting the best for you for your
intuition to work for you in your life.

Credit: Fotolia

All successful entrepreneurs use their intuition and make decisions quickly. It is
because they know their own value and trust their decisions.

As children …we all use this skill .. yet somehow as we get older we start to put
our value in material things and lose our value in ourselves. This is why we keep
buying STUFF to fill the void. It can never be filled with STUFF.. .Fill that
space with Love and trust .. and you will be complete.

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