You are Already It !

You Are Already It !


I had a dream the other night … you wanna hear it ?!  … lol

A voice said to me :

get out of your own way


So lesson learned … we spend so much $$ for programs & trainings just for someone to validate us.  Well you know … many  of these courses really do  keep you stuck … just the idea of it … keeps you looking at yourself as if you need to be fixed or changed .  You already are perfect … just some of your beliefs can be altered but other than that … you are perfect as can be !  Just thought of self acceptance & loving yourself for who you are feels light doesn’t it ?  It is because that is the truth .

Surprise Surprise … once the dust settles … it is all you … you are awesome already !!  You came to this planet already perfect !  Look at the babies .. are they imperfect ?

See … because we tend to be energy sponges we pick up vibrations around us in our surroundings etc … and adopt them as our own .  Meanwhile they are not even ours ! Just love you for you & see what happens … as if magically :  )

We need to focus our energy on creating & living in our passion and zero time on what is “wrong” with us.  You have no power when you are caught up in those thoughts they are only like a lead weight tied around your legs.  You can really only focus on one this .. make it powerful :  )

Ok last time ~ “You Are Freakin Perfect the way you are .. love yourself & you will naturally become a magnet to what you desire .

I want to hear your thoughts on this ..


Keep smilin …

Love tamalee :  )

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