Your Energy Is Contagious

Your energy is contagious ~ Make sure yours is worth sharing.

I’m sure you know this scenario…You are feeling amazing and … then someone walks into the room and right away the air feels heavy and something just feels off. Your amazing feeling feels a bit hard to hold onto. Peoples energy/vibes are easily felt by everyone around them, although it usually happens and nobody says a word about it. It is tricky not getting affected by other peoples negative energy. Really we just need to be responsible with what we are sharing as we do if we have a cold.

Thankfully…there are many people are at the other spectrum of vibes and are super positive, charismatic and smiling .. you can’t seem to get enough of them. These people are extremely powerful at affecting how people feel around them in a good way. You can recognize them usually as they are wearing a big smile. They are very outgoing, expressive, sincere and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They make you feel at ease as if you’ve known them for years and you feel comfortable enough to just be yourself. There seems to be a huge light around them…

So how does this affect the big picture in your life ?

“You become like the 5 people you spend your time with”

So … If you are spending time with negative friends who are always complaining and cutting everybody down, it will be very hard to stay in a positive frame of mind around these friends. If your spouse is grouchy alot, it will drastically affect you in where you might get also grouchy or you will feel defensive and need to protect yourself. If you always feel heavy and down after talking to certain people in your life, maybe you need to limit having that relationship. You may worry you will have no friends once you make this change… but quickly you will attract other positive people on the same path as you. Those of which will see your value and only want the best for you.

When you are smiling and feel amazing… you are like a torch of warmth and light to those around you. Others will not be able to resist feeling uplifted just being in your presence. This shows how powerful we really are ! The more positive vibes you put out the more that come back to you …

We all are connected at a deeper level than we probably realize. You choose to make your impact on the world a positive one, or a negative one.

So let’s get out there and spread some Happy Vibes !!!

Need an energy boost ? Check out these videos

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